Hand of the Master Ministries, Inc.

Hand of the Master Ministries, Inc. Training Workshops (Titles/Options)

Puppetry - basic skills for beginning a puppet ministry or how to's to use puppets in teaching in the classroom.

Basic Clowning - basic clowning/mime. How to do clown make-up and develop a clown character/personality. How to begin a clown ministry.

"Calling Forth Teachers" Workshop - a technique of calling forth those needed volunteers from amid the congregation - using a Biblically based concept.

"Teaching the Bible to Children" Workshop - inviting ideas and methods for teaching the Bible to children, based. on Dick Murray's book and the video series from Cokesbury and Dorothy Jean Furnish's book.

"Stewardship - It's Not Just Money" Workshop - Looking at stewardship from all of its perspectives - as a way `of life, not just about raising the church budget.

"Bridging the Generation Gap" Workshop - a workshop on intergenerational/Across the Age-level learning and activities

"Colored Windows of Learning" Workshop - based on Judy Gattis Smith's 77 Ways to Energize Your Sunday School Class

"The Joy of C.E." Workshop - based on Joyful Teaching - Joyful Learning by Judy Gattis Smith. Includes a celebration of the church seasons of the church year.

"Who's Minding the Kids?" Workshop - A look at child care issues - with a special emphasis on Afterschool care.

"Small Group Bible Study" Workshop - Basics for starting small group Bible Studies.

Other teaching training events and workshops available upon request. Possible topics might include children and worship, children and stewardship, etc.

For 15 yrs Lynn M. Somers was a Diaconal Minister Certified in Christian Education in the United Methodist Church having received a Master of Arts in Theological Studies Degree in 1986 and a Master of Arts in Religious Education in 1988, both from United Theological Seminary in Dayton, Ohio. In 2005, she became a Commissioned Minister of Christian Education in the United Church of Christ. In 2006, Lynn earned a PhD from The Union Institute and University in Religious Education with a focus in Faith Formation. Lynn has experience with Daycares, Daycamp, Afterschool care as well as serving with youth and as a church staff member as a program consultant.

Frederick A. Somers received a Master of Divinity degree from United Theological Seminary in 1988 and served local churches while in seminary and beyond. Fred was ordained in the United Church of Christ in 2002. He also has been a ministry office manager and a chaplain in hospitals and residential facilities. Prior to this, he had experience working in the public sector as an accountant/auditor.

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